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Dea rFrederic Madre,

Congratulations!  On behalf of ISEA2006/ZeroOne San Jose: A Global
Festival of Art on the Edge, your submission:


to the Artist Presentation category has been accepted.

We received an extremely high number of exciting proposals for the
Symposium from which a very small number were selected.  Each
submission was read by at least three anonymous reviewers and
received at least two formal reviews.  We are delighted your
submission will be included in the program.

You will be receiving a formal letter of invitation in the next
several days.

Please confirm by April 10th if you plan to participate.

For more information on ISEA2006/ZeroOne San Jose:  http://

For help and questions:  Joel Slayton or Steve Dietz

Please note that the quality of submissions to the ISEA2006 program
is extremely high.  Your contribution will certainly help make this a
very exciting and memorable event.  We look forward to seeing you in
San Jose!

Joel Slayton

Chair, ISEA2006 + ZeroOne San Jose

Steve Dietz

Director, ISEA2006 + ZeroOne San Jose

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