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Anyone can write a sentence on a sheet of paper. Everybody can do it! And why don’t they? Because they don’t find it relevant to spend ten or fifteen minutes every day with this kind of practice. OK, it helps that I’m an artist, while they do other things; but I want to believe that it’s the only thing that makes a difference, just because I decided to spend these fifteen minutes. It’s only about that, because I take the time to do it.

Santoro, «How can I / make it right, March-August 2005», 2005, Foto: Vittorio Santoro, Zürich

« So every morning, every single day, I would wake up and write, or better, trace the same sentence on the exact spot where I had done it on the precedent day. At the end of the six months, whatever would be, would be. It wouldn’t matter, I would frame the two sheets of paper and this would be the work. It’s a diptych that should ideally be shown not on a single wall, but on two separate adjacent walls of a corridor that is not too wide. »




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